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The Handimaps Dynamic Indoor Navigation Platform

Indoor venue routing based on YOUR specific accessibility needs

Handimaps Consultation

  • We will identify accessibility challenges and advise on how Handimaps will give each venue patron a unique experience in your facility tailored just for them.

  • We can work with you to find areas that may prove challenging for user with accessibility needs such as doorways with stairs or elevated thresholds.

  • Besides routing, Handimaps can provide attendees with dietary restrictions a centralized place to find gluten free, and vegetarian options

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  • Handimaps uses bluetooth technology to guide users and map crowd densities. This hardware is sold to you at cost and installed by our team of professionals.

  • Using architectural drawings we will create venue maps as well as a map of beacon locations.

Venue Scanning

  • We provide each venue with a Matterport scan of their location. This virtual view allows attendees to explore and familiarize themselves with your venue prior to a visit.

  • 3D view of your arena will also maximize the efficiency of event planners needing to get a feel of the space for a custom configuration.

Point to Point Navigation

  • Our customizable point to point navigation allows user to set preferences that help our app provide to most appropriate route.

Issue Reporting

  • Users and venue employees will be able to quickly and easily report route obstructions, unavailable services, or incorrect map information as well as being able to quickly put out emergency alerts.

Crowd Density

  • Our crowd density feature lets both user and the venue see real time crowd densities, and plan accordingly.

Example of app on a mobile device while in someone's hand.
A generic crowd at the accesso ShoWare Center in Kent, WA.

Visitor Analytics

  • Venue clients will have access to visitor analytics such as user issues, commonly travelled routes, areas of congestion, and general attendance.

  • We will work with YOU to understand your venue’s unique needs and deliver a package which delivers information allowing your venue experience to be truly unique and memorable.

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