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Medical advancements are allowing people with accessibility impairments to live longer and fuller lives yet technological resources for this community are severely lacking. Those with impairments are often hesitant to explore new places and attend events because they are not confident they will be able to access a venue on their terms. This is evidenced by four out of every five wheelchair users reporting that their local public works are inaccessible due to the lack of resources.

The Problem

Nearly one in five Americans has a disability, for a total of an estimated of 49.7 million people in the United States.

Unlike other apps, we will be focusing on the accessibility features located within a venue, and creating routes and paths which lead to wherever the user desires to be. We will provide individualized routes based on the user's needs, as well as adapt the application to the user themselves. We will offer options for voice control, increased text size, and a minimized interface that is extremely simple to use no matter the limitations of the user.

handimaps is a technology brand aiming to gain independence for its users.

Our Solution

The handimaps Difference

Handimaps will serve as a trusted advisor for every patron within a venue. We use bluetooth technology to track a person’s movements, no Internet connection required. Besides being able to route our users anywhere throughout the venue, we will also be able to provide other venue specific information such as what is specifically being sold at each concession stand, bathroom wait times but perhaps most importantly, what beer line is the shortest.

Father with family attending a soccer game in a wheelchair.

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